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Is it worth it to take a drug that damages your body? Plaquenil is a commonly prescribed drug for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and more, but it has some pretty serious effects on your body that everyone should know about. This episode is the audio from a Facebook video I did explaining the dangers of this particular drug and some suggested solutions that may actually fix what ails you. (Hint: not Plaquenil)

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People are finally getting tired of medications that treat symptoms rather than the real issues, and my guest today is here to talk about why this is happening and what we can do about it. Michelle Herzog is a fitness professional with expertise in nutrition and holistic health, and she brings a unique perspective to this discussion. She helps her clients investigate their symptoms to find the core reasons their health is suffering and remodel their mindsets in order to achieve true mental and physical health.

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In this bonus episode, Dr. Christine discusses what commonly happens when food is left undigested inside the gut and how this relates to symptoms and energy deficiencies.   

To get in on her special Smart Carb deal, which includes free U.S. shipping, a free copy of her Gut Check book and a free bottle of Smart Lymph, visit:

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LAST DAY: Grab my 'Gut Check' book on amazon for .99 cents.

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Nab a digital copy of my bestselling book for only .99 cents!  This is on kindle countdown right now.

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We all know we should be taking care of ourselves, but sometimes it’s easy to lose focus and get off track when it comes to what we consume. So today, I’ve got some quick, easy-to-implement tips that will get you refocused and help you make fundamental changes to improve your digestion and keep you feeling great.

If you're ready to take control of your health in the new year, tune in to hear my top nine tips for boosting your gut. You'll learn what to look for when selecting common foods like dairy and beef, what we should all avoid as much as possible, and more.

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On Saturday, January 12, 2019,  I had the pleasure of being the guest on 'Fork It Over Radio'.  Here is the replay of this interview where I get fired up about my mission, my book, and more.  To pick up your copy of my bestseller and to receive 4 incredible bonuses, go to

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Many of my patients who come to me for help overcoming IBS and diarrhea find that the culprits behind these conditions are not what they expect. Often, the solution is as simple as avoiding three common dietary mistakes. So today, I’ve got a quick episode for you to address some typical causes of poor digestion and loose stool.

Listen in to hear what to avoid in order to keep your gut running smoothly, as well as what you should be consuming instead. I’ll end with a Q&A session covering the best cooking oils, how to cut back on your sugar intake, and lots more.

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In this special bonus release, Dr. Christine further discusses the significance of energy, food, and your body's healing magnificence as it relates to Nikola Tesla's quote.

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Too often, people are worried about the symptoms they are experiencing when they should be worrying about how to address the source of the problem. This reflects the key difference in how medical doctors and wellness doctors address health issues, as well, so today I'm using the ‘garbage dump full of rats’ metaphor to break it all down.

Listen in to learn about the importance of training in nutrition and how many doctors are surprisingly inexperienced and uneducated in this area. I’ll also discuss why this is such a big problem, explain how you should find solutions to your health issues, and share key insights from my new book, Gut Check.

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